Our Business

Our Business

With over 40 years of consulting and in-house experiences, the people behind InGENIUM decided to come together, bringing along their consulting experiences, to provide customized HR solutions for their clients.

InGENIUM believes that for a business to succeed and grow, it is essential that the business has access to extensive HR capabilities. This may not be feasible for smaller businesses hence we are here to support you in your talent management processes so that you may focus on the core business activities.

As no company is the same, InGENIUM takes a special interest in each client’s business by adopting a hands-on approach to work with you in ensuring the HR function runs smoothly.

When should you engage HRO services?

  • When you will like to enhance your company’s values and core competencies
  • Ensure compliance to labor laws and regulations
  • Avoid redundant HR administrative work
  • Have access to better and more convenient technology
  • Focus on your core business
  • When you will like to offer employees the same experience as large businesses